THE PORTABLE SUPER COMPACT CHARCOAL GRILL

Normally we are active mainly in the gasgrill section - plus a bit in the electrogrill but usually not in the charcoal grill business.

But one of our suppliers offered this specific type as an take away grill which we really like as it got an very unique but practical design.

So we decided, why not adding this type exceptionally also into our program.

It consist of the 2 grill bowls and the lower catch container to collect the charcoal ashes after folding together.

The GRILLWALKER is available made from ,7mm painted steel as well made from 0,7mm stainless steel.

   lenght  height, of each grillbox  widht  wheight
  865mm           185 mm  270mm  ca. 12kg.



The one on the picture is the stainless steel version. The available sample also will be from SS.

This type is ideal for outdoor use, for camping, for travelling etc.






* ABOUT COUNTRY OF ORIGIN - all of these items are made in China and already existing items which are sold inside China as well to various countries in Asia & Africa for thousands oft times.

* ABOUT PERSONALIZING - no problem to add customers name on the GRILLWALKER - and personalized also the certification if demanded.

* ABOUT SAMPLE - the difference of prices of the samples to the difference for volume prices will be refunded when first volume order will be placed.

* ABOUT SHIPPINGCOST - prices for up to 49 grills are exw. prices. Prices from 50 up are delivered prices to clients nearest port.

* ABOUT SAMPLES: Samples usually will be shipped either by DHL or airfreight at clients expences .

* ABOUT GUARANTEE -  we offer 2 years guarantee. For an uncomplicate regulation of the guarantee, we supply to our maindealers some extra grill for free so that he can exchange the defect grill easy into an new one. The best version of how to organize and to regulate this guarantee matter needs to be discussed. We are open for customer friendly solutions.

* ABOUT CERTIFICATION - the GRILLWALKER yet have no CERTIFICATION for european market as well usually also not for other countries where certification is demanded.

But we are able to get the GRILLWALKER CE certified if desired. It takes about up to 3 month to hold the CE in hand. And if for german clients TÜV certification is important, also this can be arranged. It´s just a matter of volume orders and prices...

Min. order for CE are 500 GRILLWALKERS. To get startet for caring about CE, we need fixed order and deposit in hand (by Letter of credit) so that we are safe that the order will be concluded after certification is available. 

Same about certifications for other countries like USA, Australia, NZ, S.A. etc.

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