attention - the pictures of the revolver are currently photo compositions


As an perfect eye catcher and as an promotion item for showrooms, events, fairs etc. we provide our ROASTER REVOLVER display.

We got 3 different sizes available which is the DERRINGER size with short pipe, the DOC HOLLIDAY size with middle long pipe and the WYATT EARP size with long pipe.

All are handmade from our ROASTER factory and takes about 6 weeks to produce.

The display is not for private people available, only for our dealers.

We can supply the display as an freestanding one like down left to see  and wheels under the console - or with a bracing under the pipe.

The planned length would be for the Derringer type about 2m/"6,56 long, for the Doc Holliday size 2,50m/"8,2 and for the Wyatt Earp type 3m/"9,84.

The height for all 3 is planned to be 1,50m/4,92, the widht about 0,40m/"1,3.

The material is painted steel. Estimated wheight is about 80 - 100kg. But can be made on demand also from alumiunium when wheight is a matter.

Different types of wheels or rolls can be use.

The ROASTER is not supplied in the display. It is an open field like to see here on the image in the right.

We can design an roaster housing to fit exactly in it but without burners to be used like a (locackble) shelf to store flyers or promotion material.

For first orders above of 1.500 Family Roasters we provide the DERRINGER for free.

Any further display will cost from 2.500 USD up - depending on version & performance.




T-Shirts - CAPS & Watches

In future we will supply also for BBQ Buddies these promotion items like T-Shirt, Caps & BBQ apron.

The T-shirt will be sold by 9,99 USD, the Cap by 6,99 USD. the apron by 7,80 USD. Own logo is possible. Minimum orders are 50 of each.

Furthermore we will supply this quarz Chronograph wristwatch so that you can exactly time your steak.  The chronograph by 39.99 USD. .

Own logo & packing regarding the chronograph is possible as well. Minimum order will be 200 pcs

Attention: We only sell these items with the ROASTER order, not separate.

But we alread will add to each of our ROASTERS such cap for free.

If interested in one of these items with own brand, please ask for,.

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