These types of grill grates we offer to our ROASTER. As well with wooden grip as also with red rubber grip. On demand we can supply the grill grates also with pluggable grips.




Furthermore to our FAMILY & GRILLHOUSE ROASTER we offer this BBQ multitool. The one here on ebove with red grip we supply it together with our FAMILY ROASTER which is included in the price. Total lenght is 35 cm.

It can be used for turning the steaks, for pulling in an out the Pizza, for cleaning the grillgrate, opening an beer bottle - and many more.

For promotions or with own logo we can supply the one on below with brown wooden grip. Lenght of this tool is 40 cm (but can be customized).  Price for this type is 9.90 USD. Minimum order are 500 tools. If interested for own logo, please ask for cost.

Logo can be printed on the grip or integrated in the shovel part.



       - available on demand for the family ROASTER

On demand we can  supply as well this ROASTER GARAGE which we show on right. It is made from aluminium and very good to use for transporting the ROASTER.  The price for this ROASTER GARAGE is about 60 USD for the GRILLHOUSE & FAMILY sized ROASTER.

Also we can supply an customized ROASTER GARAGE as to see on the picture below right with as for example drawers or whatever clients likes to have.For prices of customized ROASTER GARAGE please ask for.




This is our projected grill table suitable to our ROASTER line. The heigh is 80 cm / "2,62, depth = 50 cm / "1,64, widht = 80cm /" ,62,

The height is adjustable to up to 1,20m /" 3,9.

It is made from powder coated steel. It has an stainless steel plate on top.

And it has an large drawer where all the barbeque accessorie can be stored in.

On demand it can also be supplied with 4 rolls for an easier moving.

Estimated price will be less than 100 USD.




If you want to use the ROASTER also for baking an Pizza, we can supply also this Pizza stone plate. The price for the size fitting in the single is 15 USD, for the Family & Grillhouse it´s 20 USD, Thickness of the stone is 10mm. We recommend to put the stone in the ROASTER about 5-8 minutes before putting the pizza in the ROASTER so that the stone is very hot. The the Pizza will be baked from below and above.





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