attention - the picture of the grilltowers are currently photo compositions

The junior, the senior and of course the the BIG grilltowers here will be designed as a combination between and overhead gas powered grill like all our other ROASTERS but additionally it will be designed so that it also can be used as a regular charcoal grill.

After pulling out the grill drawer and remove the metal tabletop and filling barbecue charcoal in the drawer and light thecharcoal on. Then place the grill grate in the drawer - and finish is the charcoal grill..

Also the charcoal grill can be used as underneath heat for your grillables like the meat or whatever

For what it is especially good to use when baking a larger pizza in the ROASTER on our special pizzastone which you can exchange against the drip tray and the grill grate

In this case the charcoal grill can heat up together with the upper gasburners the pizzastone - and then simply bake the Pizza. You cannot image how delicious the pizzas will be - and how fast it goes until it is ready to eat!



                         BIG PATIO TOWER


is made from steel and will consist of an triple burner with one central knob to start the gas burning and to adjust the gas power.

It got up to 4 KW power and reaches also up to 800 ° C. Well, its finally our medium ROASTER which is installed in this tower.

The junior also got one drawer which can be used for charcoal grilling, as a table drawer - or if not needed as grill drawer, anything can be stored in it of course.

Also it got one more small drawer where the grill tools can be stored plus one drawer for general parts to store.

In the lower compartment the gas bottle will fit inside. Or alternative an25 ltr. refridgerator can be installed.


would consist of 4 special, powerful large gas burners which are able to start and to use as single burners and all together. They provide an heat of about 800° Celsius which enables an "turbo-grilling/roasting" !

The level of the grillgrate can be adjusted in the standart performance by our regular system when  moving the grillgrate from one level to another one.

3 drawers to store standart grill equipment, 1 drawer which includes an special Souse Vide meat cooker where the steak can be pre-cooked to reach an perfect steak taste performance and an thin drawer below of the grill drawer which is made to be used as a kind of table or shelf.

The compartment with door down left is made to store the gas bottle.


This type here on left will become the big brother of our MEDIO type. It´s almost double wide. Got more storage place on down left where also the gas bottle can be stored. On up right there is an 60ltr. refrigerator integrated.

The charcoalgrill drawer can also be made on demand as an electric grill drawer.

Or/and one of the right drawers can be additonal become a charcoal grill drawer. So finally up to 3 different grill types can be established in this BIG ROASTER TOWER.

It also includes an Sous Vide steak cooker in the down right drawer plus 2 more drawers and an slim drawer which can be used as a kind of shelf.

The gasgrill is available with slots to lift up or down manually the grillgrate (which enables an larger grill surface) or an  leverarm to lift up and down the grillgrate like to see on our profigrills below. But this system takes more space and so reduces the grilling surface.

The foldable tables on site can be customized in size. Also the tables on the medium & junior tower.

More informations about the grill & it´s burners on demand


Here below we show the general sizes and prices. But we prefer to call the "estimated" as this TOWERLINE is  predestined to be tailormade according to clients wishes.

Especially the Medium & BIG tower can be made in very different performances according to clients demand like the drawer sizes, volume of the drawers, the compartment for the gas bottle or/and the refridgerator etc.

Also regarding the size we are flexible and can be still made different to our projected sizes.

If price matters, we can supply the JUNIOR GRILLTOWER also made instead from stainless in regular, power coated steel to reach an lower price and so to be able to sell higher volume. 

Any colours are possible. Generally we would deliver in white colour. If interested for the steel version, ask for prices. But will be about 20% cheaper

projected measures JUNIOR TOWER
 height    width  depth  wheight
1,80m/"5,9 0,50m/"1,64 0,60m/"1,96 ca.70 kg.
  steel     ca.120 kg.


Estimated prices for the PATIO towers
   Junior tower medium tower big tower tower
sample   ca.1.200 USD   ca,  2.000 USD   ca, 4000 USD
  serial 750 - 899 USD 1.090 -1.500USD 1.900- 3000 USD
projected measures MEDIO TOWER
    height     widht depth   wheight
1,80m/"5,9 0,75m/"2,46 0,60m/"1,96   ca.170kg
projected measures BIG TOWER
    height     widht     depth   wheight
1,80m/"5,9   1,20m/"3,9 0,60m/"1,96   ca.220kg
grilling surface, burners & power
                  JUNIOR TOWER                    MEDIO TOWER                BIG TOWER
      grilling surface = 35 x 30 cm     grilling surface =  40 x 30 cm   grilling surface =  41 x 43 cm
          3 burners, total 5 Kw              4 burners, 6,5 Kw  4 burners,



Minumum order per tower has to be 10 pcs. Samples can be made under the condition to receive an pre-order in form of an letter of intent.

Of course the BIG ROASTER TOWER can be tailormade and personalized in any case according to clients demand - in case the volume will be minimum 10 pcs.

Projected time of beeing ready to start to delivery the ROASTER-towerline ist about beginning 2017. For highly interested clients in one of our grill towers we are able to reduce the developing- and deliverytime to be able to deliver sooner.

The prices we offer when ordering 10 towers are delivered to your nearest port. The sample price is exw. price which means, the shipping cost has to be still added.

From 50 towers up for each type we can provide an discount of 20%. For over 100 Towers we´ll provide an Bonus still.

In the Medio Tower we supply an 30 ltr. refrigerator, in the BIG tower an 60 ltr. refrigerator.

CERTIFICATIONS can be arranged in case order volume is big enough to cover the cost.

On demand all 3 towers can be performend with either an stainless steel or fire resistant grill glas door.

More informations on demand.

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