The ROASTER revolutionizes with its high temperature top heat the steak preparation. Thanks to the gas supplied infrated ceramic burner it allows a temperature of 800° Celsius  without an open flame,

The ROASTER reaches this temperature within just 2-3 minutes.

And after this time you can start to grill your steak. Because of the high heat, the surface of the meat is sealed by the intense heat immediately, thereby preventing leakage of the precious juices and so the meat will be tastier and juicier than for normal grilling because of the innovative Grill concept


This kind of grilling procedure conjures up in minutes an aromatic, caramelized crust while the inside stays Steak super tender and juicy right. The result is very special toasty aromas that create a unique gourmet experience.

The exiting process meat juices begins on the provided cup. These can be processed together with a little butter, herbs and spices at fantastic sauces. The ROASTER is a roasting machine with many uses.

With it manages not only the perfect steak, it can also be other kinds of meat and fish, vegetables and even desserts in a simple and quick way to prepare extremely delicious. Casseroles, Bacon and Co. are refined at the ROASTER with an excellent crust and get so an especially intense flavor.


Gas Grills of conventional designs generally have a gas-powered heat source, which is mounted in a trough-like housing. There is a grill on which the food to be cooked over the heat source. If necessary, there is still a cover to close the entire barbeque.

Usual barbecue grills of this type cook the food with bottom heat. A maximum temperature of approximately 450 ° C. Up-to-market gas grills for outdoor use, the cook with top heat, not nearly reach these temperatures on the surface of food.

For food whose special treat is that they are crisp on the outside and well browned, and also the core but remain substantially uncooked, you need much higher temperatures.

This applies, for. example, for beef steaks and tuna loins. In order to achieve the temperature (usually about 350 - 450 ° C) for conventional barbecue appliances, these have to be heated up to 30 minutes.

However strongly heated grill struts lead during subsequent grilling on the surface of the meat to burn, producing a bitter taste. In addition, the meat obtained in the interstices of no or only slight browning.

If one waits in this method Grill until the meat outside even browning has, the core of the meat is completely cooked through.

Another problem is the fact that the hitherto maximum temperatures of about 450 ° so far also only can be achieved with direct bottom heat.

However escaping meat juices dripping partly directly into the flame of the gas burner, or ignites on under the meat contained "evaporator systems" of various designs.

These effects are known to be harmful. Grills that are fitted with appropriate means to prevent meat juices dripping in the heat source (equipped with water bowls, funnels or under the grill) generate even less heat directly on the food to be grilled.

Thus, the grilling result is further deteriorated.


In the invention is a novel gas grill apparatus which is primarily used for the preparation of meat. Here in particular beef, which is ripened in ideal circumstances, after the so-called. "Dry Age" method. There may be other kinds of meat, as well as tuna or other fatty fish or seafood are cooked.

Generally food, in which a high cooking temperature produces a better taste results. Because the ROASTER uses a ceramic ring gas burner for extreme grill temperatures above 800 ° Celsius. The burner is mounted in a double-walled steel housing via a continuously adjustable grid.

The ROASTER characterized mainly by two properties: the one he works with top heat, on the other hand, he does so with such a high temperature as it can not be compared by other usual conventional gas grills which are used in the private sector.

The ROASTERS extremely high cooking temperature results on the surface of, lying on the height-adjustable grill grate grilled food to a kind of caramelization, ie, giving the meat a crispy surface crust, which causes an optimal taste experience.

An infinitely height-adjustable grill grate allows the degree of cooking inside the meat to determine at will.

Supreme stage means short cooking time, and thus doneness: "Rare", the farther the grate away from the heat source the longer the cooking time with the corresponding Gargraden "medium rare", "medium", "medium well", "well done ".

Furthermore, possible by the high temperature and very short for each cooking level in particular, consistent grilling times, which is why it is very easy to be able to determine the doneness of meat accurately.

Also, the thickness of the meat takes place in the height adjustment optimal consideration. A height restriction in the form of the lower edge of the front panel in this case prevents the meat is done accidentally too close to the burner element.

Practical example of a steak of thickness 25 mm, degree of cooking "Rare":

Last but not least because of Its small size of the ROASTER it is easy to carry and also suitable for mobile use in camping and leisure area.


The ROASTER "Single" is rather something for singles or couples who don´t do BBQ everyday. Also for peoples who only have small balcony and so not much space but also wants to have a chance for a balcony BBQ.

If you want to grill spontanious something and don´t want to wait as long as it usually takes with the common BBQ, this Single ROASTER is the right buddy for this.

Put a steak, sausage, seafruit on the grillgrate, take a beer or a wine and have a very happy evening with fantastic steak meal because it provides a meat enjoyment in perfection.


For larger famliies, for BBQ parties for grilling steaks, sausages, vegetables or whatever, for this better choose our family ROASTER as it has an larger grilling surface.

Also for smaller events & street parties the FAMILY ROASTER works well.

But for continues commercial use we recommend our PROFI version (which will be available during 2017). So the ROASTER is truly an unique type of an BBQ  grill.

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