the most compact & fastest BBQ grill worldwide. Available as GASGRILL & CHARCOAL GRILL

                                                        HIGH SPEED GRILLING IN ITS PURE FORM... 

Whether you are a master griller, or just starting out, the ROASTER VERTICAL GASGRILLl is the ultimate tailgating grill! The secret to this amazing cooking device are the 2 vertical gas burners.

The food is placed in a customized grilling basket, which stands between two gas burners. This enables your food to be cooked on both sides simultaneously and in 70-80% less time comparing to the conventional grilling time.

As your food cooks, any grease drippings fall into a (water) basin/grease drawer at the bottom of the grill - virtually eliminating "flare-ups" and excess smoke altogether!

The ROASTER VERTICAL GRILL also has a standard grilling surface at the top, which is ideal for soft cooking mixed vegetables, corn on the cob, bread - and even toasting buns!

Not only is this a great grill for broiling hamburgers and sausages, but it's great for cooking some foods that most people have difficulty cooking on a conventional grill - such as fish, steak, and boneless chicken!

Best of all - the ROASTER VERTICAL GAS GRILL is extremely compact - making it the weapon of choice for tailgating events  or backyard get together.

                                           THIS ROASTER WORKS LIKE A TOASTER..

The grill is made from stainless steel. It got 2 gas burners (see on page 9 about the burners we use) , one of each side and reaches up to 900° C each.

The burners will be startet by the knob on front. Each burner got one knob.

The left casing of the grill is movable and can slide up to 10 cm away from the middle so that the distance to the grill basket with the meat can be optimal adjusted.

in total the maximum distance from one burner to the other one is 24 cm. That means the minimum distance from each burner to the meat is 5 cm and can increase to up to 12 cm each. This is important because when the meat is too long to close to the gas burners, the meat surface gets burned too much.

Also it is possible of course to broil the meat only with one burner. Just as you like.

The grill basket is an special one so that you can grill steaks up to 5 cm thickness and thin hamburgers as well in same basket.

Total size of this ROASTER version will be estimated 400mm/"1,31(height) - 300mm/"0,98 (widht)  - 300mm/"0,98 (depth), the wheight will be around 15 kg. / 33 pounds.



the version for all the charcoal buddies...

The smoky taste of a great barbeque. The delicious flavor that uniquely comes from charcoal grilling. All of these things and more that make barbequing an event. And all the things that are lacking in today’s healthy cooking-inspired grills. Until now.

Introducing the ROASTER DUAL VERTICAL GRILL – is an grill that uses two charcoal chambers to cook meat on both sides to lock in the juice, provide real BBQ taste and cook food in half the normal time.

Utilizing innovative indirect heat technology, the ROASTER VERTICAL GRILL contains two charcoal veins (a left and right chamber instead of a traditional bottom one) that simultaneously cooks meat evenly on both sides without the need for flipping the food. Meat, chicken and even fish is put into a basket with grates on both sides to hold the food in place and then flipped vertically to hook in between the two cooking chambers. In minutes, the result of the technology produces three unique benefits for grill masters and cooks of all ages:

1.    Food is seared on both sides to lock in the juices and real flavor of a charcoal BBQ. “Our customers tell us all the time that our way of grilling produces the juiciest meals they’ve ever had on a grill without sacrificing the real BBQ taste.”

2.    Meats are cooked in half the time as a normal grill. Hot dogs take just 90 seconds, burgers four minutes and a London Broil – an inch and half thick – takes eight minutes. Watch the video at as Mike’s Vertical Grill competes against a traditional grill in a time test grilling hamburgers.

3.    Fat drips down and away from the charcoal and into a water pan thus reducing the chance of carcinogens from adhering to the food. There are virtually no smoke or flare ups and the water pan makes for easy clean up afterwards.

OUR TIP to burn the charcoal: The best/most healthy way to light the grill is to use a chimney and pour the charcoal in after it had been lit. Or even mix in some hickory bricks among the charcoal for an even better flavor)



as this grill still is our future project and so under construction we haven´t real price yet on hand. But we estimate the DUAL GASGRILL at an price of between 300 - 400 USD, the charcoal grill version of around 120 - 140 USD by taking an min. order of 100 sets. When lower or higher, price will be different.

Expected delivery date for first samples will be during winter 2016-2017 regularly. But when urgent demand is coming up, we can hurry up and show first sample sooner.

                                                                          MEASURES & WHEIGHT

the measures and wheight will be basically same like the gasgrill version.



when time is money...


This is one of our future project. It is a high temperature Pizza oven that also works with 800° C temperature.

Regular Pizza oven uses 450° C which means, Pizzas made in this oven will take less than half time to finish a tasteful Pizza.

And so, the output will be min. double high than regular electric Pizza oven. Plus this oven is very compact, not  heavy and so easy to use also outside for street parties, events or whatever.

It is also driven be regulary LPG gas.

The Pizza oven will be available during 2017.

Customized oven are possible as well..

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